Commenticus Ruckus

Seems quite a few people have much to say on the comments upon works (Steve Says ). Most of the comments were of above average caliber, which is a nice change from other sites.

My take on the comments, forget them. It’s an easy add-on for a site, however it invariably brings out the banal. When a reward system is in place for comments; it brings out the most pathetic behavior you could imagine.

I used to frequent a site called Pokah. It rewarded you for posts, and comments in guest-books. This of course made sense as they wanted to create ‘stickiness’ and drive traffic. it was good for awhile, then the “monkeys” showed up (fake accounts for people banned, or for nefarious purposes) and caused a meltdown of epic proportions.

The site had no endgame, aka focus. They were focused on getting “eyeballs” (old Internet term for views) and not on getting conversions (making money by getting people to play poker). Most sites that have a comment system, have never thought about why they need one; or even if they need one.

Most never consider the amount of data traffic that it causes,either. Every time a page gets a comment that is more data to be sent the next time the page is requested. If they page is ranked, it will get requested. This is why Digg, and Reddit are not good ideas for sites. You could easily get knocked offline, then you have zero page views. It’s impossible to guess traffic if everyone can edit every page on a site.

I like Redbubble, however I hope they modify the system to eliminate comments.

Update: Just noticed this post

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