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Competitions and that Age Old Debate.

I entered into a forum recently regarding entering images into competitions. Within that forum, I mentioned disliking music competitions as they tend to be far removed from the idea of music-making for pleasure rather then whether you are better then the person next to you.
Having said all this, I don’t feel the same way about photographic competitions because there is not that many places to display ones work and if putting in a competition means it gets seen then that is better then having just on my computer where no one sees it.
But besides all this, you never know who will enter the competitions and what the quality of work is likely to be so, a little bit like tattslotto, sometimes you can get lucky!
And that is what prompted my thoughts today because today I got lucky. I entered a competition in the local newspaper regarding the local Royal Melbourne Show and my photo of chickens managed to win the competition over a bunch of shots of kids on rides.
The winning photo:

I got lucky! I got lucky that the second chicken was doing odd things. I got lucky that the light was coming nicely in through the window. I got lucky that the other chicken looked at the one poking his head around the corner and I got lucky that no one else took the same photo. Plus I got lucky that they decided chickens summed up the spirit of the ROyal Melbourne Show better then kids and rides. For my luck, I am rewarded with over $1000 worth of camera gear. Now I do believe that makes it all worthwhile. And perhaps I can sell the gear and buy the lense I have been hanging for all this time!!

Take my advice and enter every competition that ever comes up! You too may be lucky like me!

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