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Grr! Frustrating photo days

Ok. So after a sojournment lasting a year or two, I have finally taken my Nikon D80 camera out of it’s bag, wiped off the accumulated dust, cleaned it’s sensor.. The autumn sunshine and colours were calling my name… and I was suddenly eager.

Two outside photoshoots later taking in the countryside of Shropshire (border of England/Wales) as well as my local city centre (Derby in Derbyshire, think midlands England) I was excited to get home, and see the fruits of my labour (some 200 photos) on my wife’s new 24" LED monitor…

Only to start scratching my head. I mean, they looked ok, but something was off. I loaded them into Photoshop, cropped, coloured, changed levels, but had to sharpen them. And then some more. Why? WHY? WHYWHYWHYWHY???!!

I was mystified. Why were my photos looking less than sharp? And grainy? Ah. Hang on.. as I discarded perfect photo after perfect photo due to loack of clarity and noise.. I ran to my camera, turned it on, checked the ISO setting…

ISO 10,000


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