Tonight as I added another title to my list of featured artworks, I decided to count them up. What do you think? The one I had just added was number 100!

It’s always so exciting to have my work chosen for the honor of a feature. You might think that by the hundredth time, it would lose a little of its shine, but no—it’s just as bright and sparkly an event as it was the very first time.

So I just want to pause for a moment and say “Thank you, Group Hosts.” Thank you for looking so favorably on my work. Thank you for all the work you do, selecting features, dreaming up challenges, keeping us posted on the group news….I’m sure it’s quite a load, and you deserve some real appreciation.

One more time: Thanks a million!

Homepage Suggestion: Tugs & Towboats

Tugs & Towboats
My Dad used to own and operate a towing and dredging company, with boats running all up and down the navigable parts of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. No surprise, then, that I chose this topic.

And two gorgeous alternates:

The Twilight Zone of Stock Photography

For the last eighteen months or so, I’ve been submitting images to stock photo sites. About half of them are accepted; some have even sold, and my sales are increasing steadily. Not that I’m going to be rich anytime soon, you understand. I’ve earned enough in a year and a half to pay for one month’s Internet service….…

So I’m making a real effort to understand what goes into a good stock photo. Aside from technical excellence (good composition, color, focus, etc.) it needs that special something known as “commercial value.” Whatever that is. Last week I submitted 33 images, and 32 of them were rejected. I KNOW the batch wasn’t THAT bad. Moreover, the one that was accepted was identical to one that was rejected except for different post-processing techniques. I’m totally baffled.

50 Things Not Everyone Can Do, But I Can

The other day I was feeling particularly inept and depressed, so I sat down and started making this list, just to remind myself that there are many things I can do, most of which get no applause, yet each of them requires some skill and not everyone can do them.…

1. Braid my own hair in a French braid (when it’s long enough, of course.)
2. Speak Pig-Latin
3. Parallel park my car, without assistance. Also make a U-turn correctly, and back the car around a corner.
4. Balance my own checkbook.
5. Prepare my own tax return.
(Yes, I got audited. The IRS sent me a significant refund. I doubt that they’ll try that again.)
6. Build a stone wall,
7. and lay a stone sidewalk.
8. Teach an old dog a new trick.
9. Get the whole meal on the table at one time, and no, it’s not TV dinners.
10. Make alteration

Simon Says: Build a Website

Take One Giant Step Forward.

WOO-HOO! I have just published the first page of my own website . (Quite a challenge it was, too, as I haven’t done any programming in twenty years, and there’s plenty of rust on my skills; not to mention that the host site’s development software kept crashing.) If you’ve been following the recent lively discussions on RB about search engines, you know that the more people access a website, the higher it moves up the search engine results, so I hope you will take a minute to view it. :-)

Challenges and Features Log

Features and Challenges I am so honored! Thank you very much.…

(Click the picture to see its page, click the name of the group to see that group’s page.) (OK, OK, I’m still working on the links. I’ll get them done while I’m re-doing my tags: Work In Progress.)

Jewels of the Queen was featured 4/9/2010 by Fractal Paradise
and Top 5 Challenge Winner 5/13/2010 in Between Violet and Crimson
Fractal Cathedral was featured on 4/14/2010 by Fractal Paradise
and on 4/17/2010 by Fractal Perception
and on 6/2/2010 by For the Love of Jesus
Lime Satin and Lace was featured on 4/18/2010 by Aqua, Lime, and Indigo
Magnolia Card: Encouragement was featured on 04/25/2010 by Affirmations/Uplifting Quotes-Illustrated
and on 04/26/2010 by Inspirational Greeting Cards

! !

Redbud Branch was featured on 5/5

50 Things Questionnaire

1. What is Your Favourite Hobby? Keep it clean!…..x
Creating beautiful things: writing fiction and poetry, composing and playing music, painting, drawing, photography, jewelrymaking.…

2. How Old were you when you left School? What makes you think I left it? I graduated college in 72, took some classes at the park district, taught some classes at the park district, taught some classes at the junior college, took some classes at the church, taught pat-time at the junior college, went back to college for my masters, got hired full time to teach at the junior college…I’m never getting out of school, that much is clear.

3. What was your first Pet? A big white rabbit named Bunny Boy

4. If you were a Fruit ,what kind would you be? a sweet, juicy pear

5. If you were a Drink,what kind would you b

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