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    Marjolein Kruijt


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    Artwork made by me, Marjolein Kruijt. Most of them are done in a mix of acrylics, oilpaint and a slight digital touch. Some originals are still available for sale.
    About Marjolein Kruijt
    • Amersfoort, Netherlands
    • 41 designs

    Hi! Marjolein Kruijt is a dutch artist. She has 2 art degrees and is a fulltime artist for over 23 years. She has written 2 books on animal painting available in English. She made 2 oracle decks for HayHouse: ‘Archangel Animal Oracle cards’ and ‘Magic of Unicorns’ with author Diana Cooper. Every painting tells a unique story, personal or symbolic beyond realism. After multiple tv appearances her petportraits are in great demand. She publishes & exhibitis international.

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