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Feeds - now you see them now you don't?

Maybe I panicked too early about the disappeared / disappearing feeds…

At least – from here – it seems like they’re back, but that said, as evidenced by the comments I was not the only one missing the feeds, and I still cannot see Woepi’s widget working though it seems to work for her!

So maybe it’s RedBubble’s CDN (Content Distribution Network) that’s missing a few tricks – like it did a few days ago with whole bunches of images and scripts going missing, only to re-appear later on – or maybe RedBubble are making changes on their backend (wouldn’t it be nice if they told us beforehand? most hosting companies manage to do that…) – or both.

At the very least, RedBubble, consider telling us when you’re making changes on the backend or when there are problems with your CDN – it would save us a lot of aggravation and needless panics!

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