I just nuked my 'BubbleSite'...

…and good riddance, I say!…

Less Confusion

Yes, seriously. I’ve watched several people trying to use it (picking up the URL as I had it on my business card and sticky notes). It was terribly confusing to them, even if I told them in advance that this was a way to get to my ‘real’ RedBubble site.

If you want people to view your photographs, you do not want to confuse them! The main RedBubble site is confusing enough as it is (especially with an artists’s name not even appearing above the fold – they never know if they are still looking at your work or someone else’s!) but still it’s actually better than the puny BubbleSite.


What about the contact form? Well, for starters, it was never used. :) And anyway, I have for a long time already had a link on my profile page here pointing to

SOLD a card!

Yes, again. :)

Thank you dear unknown buyer, who bought this card:

Relaxing on marble (Eyüp)

This is turning out to be a real ‘best seller’. Relatively speaking, of course…


I found the list of ‘features’ etc. on my profile page was too long, and confusing and overwhelming for visitors. I have not maintained it for ages anyway, as that was too much work as well! The only thing I keep up with (in my profile) is ‘featured member’. Features in groups and challenge wins and placements are always recorded in the image description anyway, so the information is somewhere.…

But for the sake of history, and in order not to lose data, I have archived here the list of features as it was (in my profile) – up to the moment I stopped maintaining it, anyway.

Featured work

This list is ordered chronologically, and contains only the latest 60 features. For more features and more details (dates and links to groups), see the detailed list and archives:

About change, and 'Change aversion'

That RedBubble’s new design (or ‘design’) is a major change will not be denied by anyone.…

Some people like it, some don’t, some are angry because things they need to do simply take much longer – and not only through unfamiliarity, but because the User Interface has changed in a way that tasks are simply harder to accomplish. Some have commented it’s just that people don’t like change.

It’s not as simple as that.

Read these two articles – and ponder how they relate to RedBubble’s new design, the way it’s introduced, and people’s various reactions to it.

1. Change aversion: why users hate what you launched – by Aaron Sedley, UX Researcher, Google

2. Google’s Take on “Change Aversion” Misses the Point – by Jared Spool, founder of User Interface Engineering

(I could say a lot about either art

I sold a hard-working mother! ;-)

Yes, really…

This patient and hardworking mum (waiting for her husband and kids) was bought by an unknown person (most likely in the USA, but even that is just guesswork…) – in the form of a greeting card:

                              Greeting Card

I’m sure some people could think up a funny caption to put on that card, but I’m no good at that kind of thing. :) Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy it, dear unknown buyer! Or at least the person you’re going to send it to!

Feeds - now you see them now you don't?

Maybe I panicked too early about the disappeared / disappearing feeds…

At least – from here – it seems like they’re back, but that said, as evidenced by the comments I was not the only one missing the feeds, and I still cannot see Woepi’s widget working though it seems to work for her!

So maybe it’s RedBubble’s CDN (Content Distribution Network) that’s missing a few tricks – like it did a few days ago with whole bunches of images and scripts going missing, only to re-appear later on – or maybe RedBubble are making changes on their backend (wouldn’t it be nice if they told us beforehand? most hosting companies manage to do that…) – or both.

At the very least, RedBubble, consider telling us when you’re making changes on the backend or when there are problems with your CDN – it would save

RedBubble, what are you thinking?

What ARE you thinking?

That we don’t need to promote our work?

That it doesn’t matter if people were following our work and now longer see it in their feed reader?

That no one cares if the promotion widgets no longer work?

That it doesn’t matter that there are no longer ANY feeds?"


How the heck are we supposed to promote our work if there are even no feeds any more?

No widgets is bad enough, but without feeds we can’t even make our own or use a service to make out own!

I think it’s time to concentrate on another site that does support its members in promoting their work. Can’t really take RedBubble serious any more now… the site is crumbling.

SOLD - a whole STACK of cards!

My wonderful art-historian cousin Annemarie decided to give me a lovely surprise and bought a whole stack of cards! All in varying formats, sizes and numbers so I decided to make a little mosaic of it to show you what (hover over an image to see its title, or click on it to go to the image page):

  Red fins (1)   Colorful walls (4)   Sorry in Pondicherry   19th Century İznik tiles in Karaköy Tünel station

  Relaxing on marble (Eyüp)   Food - maroc oranges   King of herb   Pink thing

Thank you very, very much dear Annemarie!

Someone else likes marble, too - or cats, maybe... SOLD!

Yes another unknown person – someone who must love marble (like I do) – or loves cats (like I do) – or has a friend who loves either!

               Relaxing on marble (Eyüp)

Thank you dear buyer! I love it when someone else loves things I do, too! :)

This is one of those unavoidable Istanbul feral cats (who seem to do quite nicely, thank you – not least thanks to the people of Istanbul who often do a little more than tolerate them, and put out some water, or even some food for them. (Actually, of course, I was photographing walls – but it seems this ginger beauty happened to own that wall.)

This image continues to be one of my ‘all time popular’ ones, and it’s not the first sale either:

   2012-02-18   2012-05-01
Sales:           1           2
Comments:       114       148
Favorites:         45         64

SOLD a card!

Thank you dear unknown buyer, who bought this card:

Food - oranges

I hope the card will cheer up someone’s day (or yours!) like it did mine! :)

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