If you could, please help me out

hey everybody…i have been neglecting red bubble…this is sad..and i feel so detached. lol. i need to work on this.

but…i do have a favor to ask you guys…and it would really be awesome if you could help. i have entered this tshirt design contest and i want to win so bad. it would so great to see my design printed and sold, as well as make some cash to go towards visiting my boyfriend overseas.

here is the link:


you may hae to sign up to vote..but its quick and painless…it san awesoem site..so you shoudl check out the other art there as well..but, you coudl even put in fake info..I just need the msot votes.

by the way, it is a squid woman..its pretty interesting..plus if i win, the shirt could be sold to you! lol..well..if that doesnt get you, just take a few moment to help me out if you appreciate art and want to help a fellow artist out.

thanks you guys.

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