Today is egyptian day

I ve been living one year in egypt , i so loved this country and these sweet people
i went back a year later for two months
i made many friends , they are very loving ones !
i also had a very deep experience there , the deepest one can experiment and it has been the most important for my spiritual life and selfknowledge research, a second birth , the true one
i can say that egypt has been a beautiful travel and a alchemist journey as well , also a very deep artistic emotion
it didnt surprised me when every people thought i was egyptian , i spoke street language very easily and with a so strong egyptian accent that even arabic people from other countries didnt want to believe im french
i had learned arabic in yemen , many years before , and fogotten a lot )
I remember that , even there , yemeni people thought im egytian because of my “natural” pronounciation !

i must say that i always have been attracted by this country , like many people i guess , but in my young ages ,it was a very strong feeling , and , years passing , it began more and more important for me to go there
and when our plane landed for a stop at cairo airport , every year on our way to yemen , i felt so attracted and moved to be so close to egypt ground that i promise to myself to go there
-i did it 7 years later ,…

for egypt lovers ,
would it be for ancient art , knowledge , beliefs or music , or even a good travel souvenir ,
i will post each artwork with a youtube link to a video clip of egyptian music or egypt inspired music
i hope this will be a beautiful virtual trip :)


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