Inactive Groups Hosted by Active Artists

I wonder if there might be another kind of group on RB that is not the same as being inactive defined by Elaine Teague’s posting here.

This would relate to my comment today on groups with active artists on RB but their groups lack activity and communication. There’s some gap between vibrant artists on RB who take on hosting and are not active hosts. There is a difference in the roles, and while we so enjoy the active artist, the group is dead.

When I have sent a question on the group to them I get one of several answers: hostile how dare I question that they aren’t active and they feature when they do, friendly how busy their lives are, and neutral they are relatively active given the circumstances.

I have chosen to leave these groups and to no longer send notes to active artists who are inactive hosts. I would prefer to find some category name to describe them so that we can start to track the groups and choose to stay members or not.

Please tell me what you think and what you might name these groups.

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