Surfaces & Textures - Features on the theme of "ABOUT"

Surfaces & Textures has new features up on October 6th 2015 and explore the topic of what is a surface about. Features here.

For me this group continues my exploration of what it is to be ‘about’ something rather than ‘of’ something. My experience in photography began in 2007, and I took photography courses at Toronto’s downtown university’s photography program. My instructor would tell me my pictures were ‘of’ flowers and not ‘about’ flowers. He was telling me that I needed to have something to say in artistic and photographic terms about the subject.

For me the most engaging images that arrive in the Surfaces & Textures group do not indicate immediately what the subject actually is. They bring out the surface and texture of that thing to allow us the experience to marvel at and wonder what it is. These two works are examples for me:

Sometimes we know right away what the subject is and the image causes us to marvel at the photographer’s eye in composing it so beautifully. These are examples in our features this week:

And then there is the image that we think we might know what it is – the composition, light, and colours keep the mystery alive. Imi Koetz’s work has this magic for me:

Again, I invite you to pop over to the features and enjoy the symphonic portfolio that explores these aspects of surfaces and textures.

You may want to keep track of our latest challenge which further explores this topic.


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