A million and a zillion thanks

Thanks to my Good Friend
She is an amazing artist! Such a unique and creative beauty she gives us all !

Who bought ‘Yosemite Valley’ Card

Thanks to my Good Friend

She is an amazing artist! HER WORK IS ALWAYS UPLIFTING!
Who bought: Let the sun shine in…

Thank you so much!

Thanks to my good friend LoriPeters

Who has bought:
‘When I Think That I am Free’ Card

You made my day! She is a wonderful artist and is “Our Snow White” here on RB and to all the little animals who are her Perfect models!

And to the mystery buyer for buying:

A Big Thank you to Dave, my good friend… I know our paths will cross someday~

Who bought ‘One Life’ Card

I think it is so uplifting when we support each other.Maybe someday RedBubble will become a real outlet for “Sales” but how motivating and uplifting when we buy a card, if we can and show our support!

Thank you so very much Everyone for making my day!

Have a wonderful day….and May God Bless Us ALL!


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