Now What do I do?

I am posting a piece I wrote a few months ago that is very close to my heart.
2 reasons: 1) the subject matter. I wrote it for an essay contest on “The most important day of your life.” Unfortunately, I didn’t win this contest. And while I have asked those close to me to boycott the magazine that hosted the contest (in jest of course), it did lead me to –
2) This is the piece that brought me back to writing. This exercise reminded me of the love I have for putting emotion onto paper and looking at something complete as its own reward.
That said, I want to find a home for it. I’m looking for any feedback on where I can find a place for this part of me, and I am open to critiques on how to improve and market this.

The Piece is Not in the Plan

Thanks to you all, it was the re-kindling of my own burning voice that brought me to Redbubble and that is a turn happily taken!

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