Fortune Cookies and the New Year

As this year’s events and decisions roll into evaluation, I simultaneously prepare for the New Year.

Is this year’s coming scarier than the last?
The path – is it darkened from apprehension? Or lit with hope?

I smile and open my arms to accept the future. Looking around me I see eyes full of doubt. There are those weary before the New Year’s journey has even begun.

Where do I look for guidance? A fortune cookie, of course. Fortune Cookies have guided me, given me clarity, and even corrected me over the years. (It’s True! I can give you several examples, and probably will over time.)

My latest fortune cookie wisdom is this: “It is better to be an optimist and proven a fool than to be a pessimist and be proven right.” I’ll take it! This is my theme as I enter 2009.
I choose to embrace the future. I choose the path lit with hope. And I am reaching out to the universe to bless all of you as well.

Happy New Year!

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