This place I've found

It was by pure accident that redbubble came across my e mail and could have been lost in the shuffle. But then again the old antennae are up because I’m looking earnestly for a change in focus. Not as a restless person, although that I am (or a part of me is – the other part is really very rooted). Rather, I feel that after years of doing the same thing – even a very diverse same thing such as teaching – it is time to move in another direction.

And I’m not very sure of myself, because I know the limits of the academic life really well. The old shoe has been worn for a lot of years. But it is starting to chafe and the plans that were there in high school are asking to be honored. What plans? Writing and visual artistic expression.

The problem is, I need to be in more than one place to do those things. I know this. Only by keeping the day job can this happen – but the night job says Hey! I’m calling and you’d better listen.

This journal will be a test of commitment to something I know is right and should have been the path years ago. But if I’d chosen it, would I have been as passionate about following it after all these years when it is now the path not taken and thus more coveted?

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