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There’s no one on the couch outside on the back deck, so I park my arse and sink into the dank smelling old thing. My bra is still scrunched up in my hand, I slip it down the crack between the cushions. Remember to take bra when leaving the couch. Someone has filled up my wine or I’ve picked up the wrong glass. Ada comes out, she is now wearing a tiara and a grass skirt. “Here have some ice” she plonks two cubes of ice into my glass, they crack and then make a slow fizzing noise as the temperature changes. I swill it round in front of my face and watch the thermocline dance, then take a sip. It’s much nicer with the ice. A lot less like warm piss.

A group of guys are walking up the back stairs, they’ve just arrived, and they’ve got that ‘I don’t know anyone here’ look. They look kind of nerdy, and all three of them have a six-pack in their grasp. Even the beers look slightly embarrassed to be with them. I’m guessing they are some of Jenny’s Marine Bio friends. I lean back and call through the louvers “Hey Jenny, I think your friends are here, the nerd patrol just walked in.” Jenny comes out to meet them, she takes their beers and makes room in the kiddie pool full of rapidly melting ice. They all look relived to have jettisoned the booze. I notice the tall skinny one is kinda cute, in a nerdy kind of way. I smile at him. This wine is tasting really good.

Jenny has absconded back inside, and the nerds are now standing around, looking shifty and delicately sipping their beers. The tall cuteish one comes over and sits next to me on the couch. “So I hear you’re the nerd police, which is kind of cool cause I’m actually in this thing called the nerd patrol.” Right so I’m my voice carries quite well on this deck. My smart-arse function is on a break obviously, so I just look at him for about 20 seconds then say “yeah, so are you guys like marine biologists and stuff?” Nice one, very smooth. “Yeah these two guys are, they work with Jen but I’m an ecologist, so how do you know Jen?”
“… through Ada.” After I say this I hear the footsteps of my good friend Wit running down the stairs waving a piece of paper, on it is written “clever response number 1. We trained dolphins together, and then on weekends we took disabled kids on pony rides.” More silence and I seem to be blinking a lot more than usual. Ada saunters by, rolls her eyes at me and fills up my wine. I so don’t need another glass of wine.

The Tawny Frogmouth has long gone, he ended up getting that mouse. The back deck has cleared and it’s just me and the ecologist whose name turns out to be Angus. To which I said “like the Bull” and am now regretting. We’ve been talking for ages and not just about shit. About important stuff like why ‘baby on board’ stickers are really stupid and why it should be OK to punch people who stop on escalators in the back of the head. I’ve slowed down on the wine and all I want to do is kiss those lips. I lean back into the couch, so does he,so now we’re sitting really close. I run my hand up his froggy spine, underneath his shirt and we just sit there. An officer of the nerd patrol leans out the doorway “hey man we’re going to head, you gonna get a lift with us?” He takes my number, and I take his and then I’m alone on the couch half-cut and still hanging for a kiss.

The party has pretty much died in the arse so I walk home along Annerley road. The drunken walk home alone is never much fun, it seems like an eternity, and my feet start to hurt. I’ve got my shoes off now, shit my bra is still wedged down the side of the couch. I message Ada with one eye shut attemptng to foucus, and let her know of the underwear situation. I turn down to cross Ipswich road and stop at a lowered Skyline with an exhaust pipe that could give birth to healthy baby boy. On he back of a shopper docket I write “you have been fined $150 for owning a wanker mobile please call” I scroll though my contact list until I find the name of my fresh ex boyfriend and write in down and stick the note under the windscreen wiper.

My shoes hit the floor with a clank, Gary’s awake and very excited to see me, when I walk inside his whole body is wagging. I give him a big hug, rub his ears until he makes a funny groaning noise and then he get him a big handful of dry dog food. He’s happy. I would let him sleep with me but it’s too hot and I want a shower. The water running over me feels like heaven and I sit down cross-legged. My four minutes is probably up. I think drunk, seedy people in the shower are solely responsible for the water crisis. I slide into bed, the sheets feel cool and fresh. I’m falling into la la land, falling asleep and then my bedside table vibrates and the room is lit up neon blue ‘beep beep … beep beep’. The yellow envelope is back, the message comes up as being from Nerd Patrol “I can still smell your hair. Do you want to get a coffee sometime?” My chest feels like it harbous a bird in shoebox and I reply “tomorrow afternoon, West End”. I fall asleep smiling to myself.

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