Ms Heidke

To my friend Mylene, who needs to smile … things will get better. Love you lots

Now Smile : )

Welcome to the Village Carnivale
The troupe of teenaged girls, out for a night on the town
You don’t get out much in a tiny Port like this,
But when we do …

Through the darkness,
Fireworks residue hanging like a gunpowder mist
We skulk along the streets
Like nutty jackals, wild-eyed and laughing

Holly and I with our skateboards and skinned knees
Lanky hair that smells like smoke
Pot smoke, and cheap stolen cigarettes
Wild eyes now red rimmed and glassy

You were the good kid,
Seen it all before,
The drunken stupidity and the tears
Having to leave and get away, sleeping by the Blue hole

Now we’re getting home at midnight,
To the pole house on the hill
Mum made us toast, and brought it upstairs
She could see we were hungry

Falling asleep, stoned and full
The munchies satiated
Bony knees, protruding from the bed and the couch
A gaggle of gangly girls

Maybe I’ll see you next year
After the fireworks
Down at the Central, or the Courthouse
You can be the good kid.

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