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I just thought I’d touch base with this one, as a few people have asked me about it. I’m very pleased with the site and what has been set up thus far, but I’m wondering about the ratio of art buyers / art makers. We all enjoy appreciating the work of others, and having our own work acknowledged, but is this mostly what happens on Red Bubble i.e. is it a site that is much more for artists ‘show and tell’ than for non-artists (or other artists) to browse and buy? Are we all running around yelling ‘Great kick’ but also yelling louder ‘Kick it to me, kick it to me!" I have bought an item on RB, and have sold a few, but in essence I’m here to sell rather than to buy, and am wondering philosophically: “Are there many more out there such as me?” I like the accolades from my peers, but I also want their money – or more accurately the money of buyers rather than artists. Are the buyers in fact a distinct group, or are their many on RB who are just as happy to buy other’s work as they are to sell their own? Any thought bubbles from you bubbly lot out in bubbleland?
I may just be regurgitating things already expressed on this site, but I haven’t read many blogs so far on RB, so that’s my excuse.

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