Waiting to go home

The shop door is open, my ankles are freezing, short jeans and trainer socks equals cold ankles. only half an hour to go till closing time (hopefully). Have been busy on red bubble for the last couple of hours, adding new work, getting told off for adding too many pics to a group, my fault, forgot it only said add one or two photos, so they got deleted. Also been looking at other peolpes work, I really liked Deborah Parkin black and white – really amazing. Looking at other peoples work makes me want to go taking photos, but always seem to be working. I want to learn how to use my new digi camera properly. The manual gets confusing, too many letters, numbers, sizes, pixels, argh! put it on auto focus and manual zoom and hope for the best. Going to Winchelsea to see my Mum and Dad, it was their 45th Anniversary on Saturday. Their Caravan is right in the middle of the countryside, might just take the camera, see what happens. My partner has just come up from the basement workshop. says it time to go home, Yippie. Please look at my photos – any comments good or bad always appreciated.
Will write another day

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