exif data

I wonder why it is that RB does not use the exif data that is contained in photo uploads. Other POD’s take Title description and keywords from the exif so uploading a photo is a piece of cake. Those who use a computer will wonder what the problem is just copy and paste from lightroom and your soon there. Those of us who have no permanent internet connection face a real problem with trying to upload using a mobile phone. The time it takes to enter all the information using one finger is very frustrating. Then when you think your there and the connection drops and all is lost it is not suprising I am going grey. Then you have the pricing section to change because again RB has no global price setting only their default 20%.
Is it just me who is going mad.
Its great having fancy new page header…

Magic Lantern v2.3

After a lot of thought and reading up on the internet I finally took the plunge and decided to give Magic Lantern Firmware (ML) a go on my Canon 5D mk ii. The deciding factor for me was ML’s ability to increase the 5D ii Std AEB from 3 shot ± 2 EV upto a maximum 9 shot AEB with an EV range of upto ±5 plus an auto detect mode where you take the first shot and the software works out how many more shots are required to cover the full EV range of the photo.…

My first step was to bring the official Canon firmware upto version 2.1.2, this was downloaded from Canon UK, unzipped and the firmware file copied onto the CF card using a card reader (full instructions come in the zipped file as a PDF help file). Before updating the camera make sure your battery is fully charged. The CF card was then pla

Welding Glass ND Filter

The big Lee 10 stopper ND filter works out an expensive piece of equipment, first you have the filter itself add a holder to put it in plus the adapter ring to suit your lens and you are talking over £150 before you can even get out and try it. So what are the alternatives if you want to shoot long exposures to blur those clouds and give water that silky sheen

Read more at my Blog: on how I got on with some example photos

Slide Show Or Slider One Mans Dilemma!!

From my Blog :

Website Front Page:

Slde Show or Slider? That was the question and a slide show on the front page of the website just didn’t have the wow factor.
The container it sat in was always too large resulting in wasted space above and below and tweaking the CSS did not resolve the problem.

Weebly offer a slider with their Pro account and give you the tools to put one on you site but what they don’t tell you is free users can have one as well, you just do not get the tools to do it so have to figure out the HTML and CSS yourself.
Well the good news for me is I figured it out and have changed my slide show to a 1020 × 400px full page width slider. What a difference it makes the wasted space above and below is gon

Style! What is your style?

A discussion in a forum got me thinking about style, what it is, how it evolves and what shapes its development to the point that other people can recognise your work from the style of the photographs. There is a guy over on Fine Art America (FAA) who takes photos of old barber shops, chemists and lately firemen and hand paints over them to the extent that when you see a picture you just know it is his work, it is so unique. It is his style and his alone his name is Mike Savad. Then there is Betty Larue the lady who started the thread at Photo4me on style, she works with textures and again has a well defined style to her work soft tones and expertly blended textures makes her work stand out from the crowd.…

What defines your style? I guess today in the digital age there are many factors th

Fun with Photoshop

Yesterday I decided to have an afternoon off from building my Website and do a piece of photo editing,
The lifeboat station is a great subject and I have been looking for an image to give a 3D look to for a while, but nothing in my portfolio really looked right.…

First I created a duplicate layer and converted it to black and white to give it a more dramatic look. Next by the use of a layer mask I revealed the colour beneath in areas of the photo by painting the mask on at various opacity settings from 100% for the building itself down to 12% when working on the piles. Next I applied a radial blur to the black and white layer to give the zoom effect and make the building itself seem to pop out the front of the photo.

Lastly I added a layer mask to the radial blur adjustment layer to decrea

New header

Well they got me this morning, proving once again that men cannot multi task. There I was bleary eyed and half asleep a cuppa in one hand logging on and clicking where the menu used to be for ages wondering why nothing was happening, before it finally dawned on me it was a search box and they RB that is had changed the header. Duh, fool idiot, plo……. and a few other things I can’t put here come to mind now I am awake.

I have had my 2nd cuppa now and the eyes are starting to work as they should, the brain well that normally takes a bit longer to get into gear but now I have to admit I like it. Nice one RB

Footnote: Is it just me or have they (RB) taken a page away? Seems less on the menu now

April 2013

New Website

Work continues 24/7 with major changes to the look and feel of my new website the Weebly platform has opened up a whole new world and is so much better than my old website.
I have designed a new pattern which I have used to create a textured background which has given the website a more classy look and increased the page width to 1020 which I believe everyone who might be interested in my work will be able to view without scrolling across the page.

Each top level page has also been redesigned with a different header photograph for each page and a variation of the background for gallery, contact, tutorials and copyright info pages.

You can find yhe new site at:

April 2013

Fuzeta, Photo Shoot

There are days you stand in the cockpit of the boat and look at the sky and know that bad weather is on its way. The first sign of a weather front moving in is the arrival of the Cirrus cloud, those wispy high level clouds made of ice crystals which tells you that in the next 12 – 24 hours there will be a change in the weather usually for the worse at this time of year. But on the plus side those wispy clouds are a photographers dream.…

So the bag was packed and we were on the train down the coast 4 stops to the little fishing town of Fuzeta, Algarve, Portugal. A place I have passed many times and wondered what might be there, but the train station does not inspire one to get off the train. Our 5 year old Rough Guide to Portugal says it is a small village on a river with a even smaller por

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