TRINITY (Heaven, Hell and Man)

I found faith in God as in man I could not
A monster was I baptized
As a priest the hand of man was to bless me with a cross made of sin
Death to all not of the one true God their holy doctrine
And so………………………………………….

Across that of sea and that of sand
Judgment chose He us to command
And travel swift would thy blade
Murderers all of us God’s will obeyed

It is a fairie tale where the monster’s grim costume is to fear
Row upon row of razor sharp teeth closing in ever near
Parents to their little ones by firelight this story do tell
Man doth not appear as servant to Hell

Clothed in that of Christian light he is savior but, to himself
Alone as traveler he is hidden from all but, his own self
Whilst treasures in Heaven unto him the Lord he sayeth should bequeath
A charitable whisper is to be as demon speak heard by all who are beneath

Jewels of gold and raiment shall he put upon both daughter and son
A magus a deceiver he bares no truths before you
Each and all will be before him undone

In the council of Clermont the year 1095
Pope Urban II was to offer all remittance to their sin
Appeal to their youth and exuberance and champion your cause he knew they must
Blind innocence once impassioned the aged know for willful lust

Heathens the Seljuk Turks had advanced upon the Holy land
The true cross taken was now to be in our enemies hand
So from the halls of Clermont was commanded send out the clergy to each and every door
A paradise to their souls you will promise and the many they shall adore

We need call forth an army a force that to us is to be both vigilant and strong
A chorus of trumpets was then to sound as symphony
We the people would take up arms
Raise up Zion’s banner, sound the alarms

My father was to be a blacksmith his home a small parcel of land
All of life’s ventures had been forward and at his command
Yet, hard times had come fall upon us
Scarce would we be to barter to even survive if we must

Forager’s life had become to make of us all
So costly was thy charge and thy venture
Enlightened we were as living hunger

No future were we entitled our rope was at its end
Only that of the frayed noose left to hold on to
If not for the gallows knot would we descend
And so it was upward to heaven that as family we searched

Looking forever vigilant to the stars were we for a sign
It would then be to the monastery that we were beholden
From that vow of poverty to which we were consigned
A deed to destiny in Jerusalem said they would we to find


Not unlike Lazarus to whom Jesus had given rise from the grave
A second life spirited our souls would he father go forth to save
So resolute was his gaze as the first light of that next morning fell
He would not return to us, his last word was fare well

My mother had to the cathedral every morning for two years hence
Her gallant husband sent forth to foreign lands in our defense
The Lord’s daily sermons she was to preach making sure we were good
Her values did she impart upon us as now we were without

And so………………………………………………………

Swords clashing would I imagine battle always in the back of my mind
Throughout all of childhood my youth was to a soldier’s life consigned
Always wary I remember my mother, her husband had been lost
Yet, swordplay was my shadow and through my father I saw the Holy Ghost

A pinnacle of misery was coming with me at its head
Easy is it to foretell the fortunes of a son whose father is dead
Buttressed against all the elements against the will of my own mother revenge would I take
Imagination once uncovered the very bastion of Hell dreamnt I to shake

My name is Jean Darsenault and I come from Burgundy France
My father a knight and hero to all that returned a fanciful romance
Misguided was I in direction but, forward I was to pursue
All the world before me was withdrew

Across an ocean unto the other side of the world
A boy on an adventure I was found
Every interest was to be conquered I was spellbound
So let us be on to Zara the men would all cry

A Christian we were conquerors I had never thought to ask
What would be the cost of such a courageous task
All I saw were heroes they were thrown before my eyes
King Stephen was one such champion to his people

To those in Hungary who were free he would raise the Holy Crown
It was in the Carpathian Basin that such a promise he was to make
All everyone man woman boy and child their worldly spirits may he lift
Such a precious prize but for the his tribe he would forsake

On Virgin’s Day Székesfehérvár 1038 as he approached so opened they the gate
Into Venice first then to Constantinople we would sail…………

Return would we to our rightful lands
What would we discover our future was in God’s hands
It was said that the Greeks had killed their rightful lord
Alexius the fourth was a traitor and he would die by the sword
Jesus Christ had been crucified at the gest of the Jewish people
And worse than them did the Greeks we call
If any were to survive this night
Would grant He the spectacle of the dawn’s first light


Man is not the hero that youth is shown to see
Death is not to champion there is no victory
All who heed my words will come to know that smell
It comes up from the pit below us where each soldier is fell

Women and children are savaged
Many men’s lives simply to be strewn aside
The abyss to Hell is a cavernous one
With a road that is to open so wide

Adventurers we were at first to live the knight’s tale
But, the whole wide world is a spectacle and it was
To the destruction of our morals we had set sail
The beast within had come to surface and here some would die

The immaculate conception to all had been corrupted
Jesus Christ was no longer the savior of man
Alone would each to stand before his God
Heads bowed down in piety we were all to nod

Crusaders we first captured Blachermae
From there we staged forth a knight’s assault
Constantinople was soon to be ravaged
Man once again with only himself to bare the fault

The destruction we wrought was savage
The animal in man awoken from its sleep
Thousands upon thousands of souls to either Hell or Heaven
The Grim Reaper at our behest had come with sycythe to reap

Were we to be a token example
Thrown before the lions at these infidels request
Soldiers unmasked before the axe man
Forced to kneel at thy feet for an eternity of unrest

Screams would echo to reach Jesus in heaven
How could they think the son of God involved
Die you filthy heathens I come in the name of him who is the Lord
Like Genghis we were again the Mongols together we engulfed its citizens as horde

A terrible massacre and man would ask to seat right side of His throne
Again and again they cried out as righteous
Their belief held so stern
The Devil had misguided the people and for this they would burn

Had I not inspired peace was that not the message Christ had told
Wondered Jesus upon man and how he was to become so bold
To give up his ghost in such circumstance as this
The teachings of a peacekeeper had brought misery and death

Was there no one who had listened
The promises of Satan had made man deaf
The choir that had sung in previous times was to be now quiet and void
The promise of forgiveness granted, God was annoyed

He said they bring upon the challenge
Conflicted opinions as individuals they all had I left to have
They were the children born of my image
I wished for my inspired creation forever to save
The Earth I gave them dominion over
They were never meant to be Lucifer’s slave


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