I got to spend some quality time here today

i’ve tried so hard to keep up with everyone, but with my jobs, schedule, and doctor’s visits it’s been tough, but we’ll be spending more time together because my car died today lol and it looks li,ke it’ll be a while before i can fix or replace it, but “stuff happens” and while i have the time i’ll be here and take advantage the time i can be here.
to those of you who added me to you watchlists, thank you, i appreciate it.
well that’s pretty much it, i’m going to take a break and watch Judge Judy, she’s my idol :) i love how she “tells it like it is”
and Kahea’s reminding me that it’s time for her to come out. but first i want to check the mail, my books from snapfish should be here any day and i’m really excited, i don’t have a clue what VSA used for them.
aloha til later

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