It arrived today!!!

My Holga 120CFN camera came in the mail..
I was so excited I couldnt open the package quick enough that I used scissors to hack open the bag and i found that I had scratch the entire box it was in hahahaha…
no damage to the camera though! ;)
Okay so I then spent about an hour looking for 120 medium format film.. and oh dear was it hard to track down some in australia so i didnt have to sell my liver to get some delivered from overseas..
But I did buy some on ebay made form fuji.. 5 rolls for $24.. i was pretty impressed with that.
My next issue to tackle is to find the closest place that will develope it near me.. and i dont really want to travel to sydney everytime to get it developed..
Im VERY new at this..
so any help with what to do, what type of film is best, how to stop the light leak if thats a i just dont know?!?!?!
I just know that the pics i have seen others take is incredible…
so anyone interested in or has soe wisedom about lomography and that…PLEASE share with me :)
Love to all!

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