Meaning of life...

What is the meaning of life?
Give me a knife and I’ll show you the beauty of life.
Life has a wife,
her name is death,
she’s waiting around the corner,
awaiting your every breath.
Sometimes showing up just to give you a scare,
to make you get up off of your fucking chair!
All of your life, thinking yours was never fair,
how would you like a ticket to ride on death’s chair?
All grown up in your adult body,
you may as well go backwards and do a favour to everybody.
Cause what’s in your head hasn’t even remotely evolved,
you haven’t even put a thought to how your problems could be solved,
and with all this, you just choose to let yourself dissolve?
Blaming all and every for all of your faults, because afterall,
it IS their fault!
Pointing your fingers,
as they are to blame,
how the hell did you get so fucking lame?
You can’t even look yourself in the eye,
‘cause that would make you a lesser man,
revealing the truth evokes you to cry.
These are the questions you cannot ask yourself.
GO ahead,
let yourself down,
keep telling yourself a lie.
What does it matter,
we’re only one day going to die.
So fuck you, fuck everyone,
keep lying,
stop trying,
I’m vying,
your dying without death’s chair even knocking.
When it’s too late, you’ll grasp some meaning of life,
and don’t ask me to tell, cause I haven’t much of a clue,
but I know I have worth,
what does than mean to you?

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  • Maite Sajovic