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Hi, I am Daswhox, little French, freelance illustrator, primarily using watercolor and photoshop. / I am one of the founders of Imag...



I may be enjoy having a journal to talk a little about that.
First, my author name is “Nathanael Daswhox”. Mairon name, it’s just because I roleplay Silmarillion lately ‘w’

For now, it is true that I do a lot of illustrations of Sauron, Morgoth and Smaug. Say that they are my favorite characters. and yes, you can be a girl and find the bad guy class!

But I intend to make other characters from The Silmarillion. I just have switche between my Tolkien illustrations, commissions and my little video game project with a friend we work.

If you are curious and want to see my other work, I invite you to these two links:

My drawings are done principalements A4, in watercolor. I am primarily for pleasure and honor to the world of an author as respectable as Tolkien.

I do also think of Game of Thrones. for the other series, I see it. Afterwards, if you want me to do an illustration, even original, there are no worries. we can discuss.

I also contests on my facebook page, for those who only dream of having their character under my brush. x

I really hope that I make you like me.
Thank you and wish you all the happiness in the world. ‘w’

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