Embrace the Blur Challenge

Okay, I might be a little negative about that challenge, but there’s like 1881 entries! I got to 881 and thought to myself…only 1000 more to go! )o< What’s worst is I entered only 3 days before it closed for entries and I still hadn’t come across my own image! Is it me or is this challenge a joke? I almost think they should have capped it. I get that it is a prize challenge, but seriously!? 1881 entries?!?!?! How many of you actually go through all images when it’s vote time for a challenge if it has over 200 entries? My eyes are aching already! I hold absolutely no hope of even getting my entry looked at, let alone voted on.

Sorry folks, I needed to vent. I’m going back to finish voting now. But if it isn’t spectacular don’t expect me to look at it for more than a second. That’s how I’m doing it from here on out. If it doesn’t immediately catch my attention, I’m not voting for it. You can blame it on the fact that there is 1881 entries in this challenge.

(about a half an hour later…)
I finally got done with voting on the challenge. My image was I think somewhere in the 1200’s. Anyway, after I vented it seemed to have gotten easier to vote, so good thing I did this. I probably voted on about 20 or so images. I hope that you guys make it through. Get some water and a snack before you start voting because there are an awful lot of images!

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