I am humbly honored, thank you so much Qnita it’s a great honor and privilege to be featured in your group with so many talented members and amazing work!
A wonderful way to promote members work and give exposure!
When I joined Red Bubble in 2008 it was a small family of wonderful members and friends, as it grew changes came, sometimes with lots of groans and moans from a lot of members as we all felt comfortable with the way it was but eventually you get use to the changes and it’s ok again and then another and another untill eventually today it is huge with hundreds of members and friends we make through the years. As time passed with all the changes we all grew and our work improved and we learn everyday!
The moral of the story.., just hang in their it will be worth your while!
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Magaret Meintjes – Featured Artist of Challenge Café
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Challenge Cafe
Thank you Qnita and all my wonderful friends for your support, and inspiring comments that makes it worth my while, always a honor and mush appreciated!

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