Free PS Gothique Brushes - Corners and Borders


by Mr Baxter here

This is a set of 25 brushes:

5 corners and matching borders plus grunge variations of each
3 star brushes

Click on the image to get to my DA gallery to download the brushes.

© Sybille sterk


- Use them in paintings, photo manipulations etc
- Print your creation and sell it or create prints on DA or Redbubble for people to buy.
- Feel free to create backgrounds with them BUT ONLY if those backgrounds are then free to use for others.
- If you download them, fav them and link from your creation.
- Send me a note to let me know. I’d love to see what you did.
- Play and have fun with them.


- Re-distribute them – if you like them, fav them or link to them.
- Do not sell them or claim them as your own.

If you’re not sure, send me a note, I am usually quick to reply.

The evil flying monkeys will get any of you that do not obey these rules.

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