With thanks...

On Sunday (June, 10th) I went out on a photography drive in the local area. I try to do this on a regular basis this means I can catch the local area in the different seasons. At the moment and ending soon, is the poppy season. I never knew poppies could come in so many different colours and sizes. Until I was driving through one of the villages called Barrowby. It is generally an interesting village but nothing struck a cord with me that day so I headed off it my next favourite village.

On the way out I saw some lovely cerise, pink and red poppies. However, they were in a position that I could not get to them without trespassing. So I continued on my merry way. Instead I find some other poppies in a field near-by, so I pulled over and snapped some pics. After which I turned the car around and went back into the village. As luck would have it the lady who lives in the house where I initially saw those beautiful poppies. She waved me down and asked me if I would like to take some photos of her poppies. I jumped at the chance, pulled the car in and jumped out.

Two of the pictures are displayed in my portfolio A River of Pink & Poppies . Please have a look, I would love you to enjoy the photos.

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