Quadruple Thanks!!

Gosh, 4 big thanks and a big smile:
1. a BIG thank you to all in the Dorset England group who voted for me in the Autumn Challenge, the win was a delightful surprise.

and features to say thanks for:
1. ‘A little something for dessert ma’am’ double featured – today by the ‘Plight of the Bubble Bee’ group and previously by the ‘Insects, Bugs and Creepy Crawlies’ group.

2. ‘Lisselton Resting’ Double featured – this weekend in the ‘Historic Churches’ Group and previously Featured in the ‘Unwanted, Abandoned & Worth Saving’ group. Many thanks!

3. ‘Oops’ Featured in the ‘Mornings & Evenings — Sunbeams & Storms’ Group. Many thanks!

4. ‘Through the Autumn’ Featured in the ‘European Everyday Life’ Group. Many thanks!

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