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as the heat builds and lines are drawn
choices are made and shadows born

for all the world stumbles through
and the mind grapples in the light of justice askew

while mornings dawn in rivers red
seeing children huddle in the darkest shed

because distinguished rooms contain dismissive fiends
adding numbers to devise deadly means

thanks rb

i am puzzled

in humble servitude he proffered forth his offering. he looked around and beheld such magnificence surely not belonging to the world of humanity. could there be any hope for his feeble efforts. no, he would meet with a disappointment most bitter. how could he have been so foolish. their very name should have alerted him to the folly of his actions. each of the blessed ones were all so miraculously unique. not a single one bore even the slightest resemblance to anything that had gone before. held in a group it would like gazing at pure contrast, all in opposition to all others. no matter which were compared orginality blazed like a newly born sun.
the need to hold that sword can be so intoxicating for some. the power of decree. back to the sandpit.
naked hypocrisy.
blithering stupidity.

the difference between cool and significant

anyone who has been involved in creating or appreciating art for a reasonable length of time should be aware of the ongoing tension between high art and popular art. this would especially ring true for those people who have spent time in a formalised academic environment. while art schools and art theory have brought popular culture under the umbrella of acceptable practice (they had little to no choice in doing otherwise or see art disappear from the face of the earth) there remains a residue of distinction which separates the cool and the significant.…

cool is a term bandied around ad nauseam by all people from all walks of life. in todays art world it finds particular placement among those who champion popularised forms of expression. Street art, stencil art, comic art, animation, audio

the revolution will be not televised

to begin.
for the past year i have been reading the work of Albert Camus. I am currently reading “The Rebel”.
this work extends upon the ideas in “The Myth of Sisyphus”. The Myth of Sisyphus concerns itself with the central theme of the absurd. life is an absurd thing and in the light of this realisation what should the individual do? needless to say life is worth living as Camus concludes.
The Rebel (have read only a little so far) focuses on the system of relations between an individual and their world and in particular where the individual is no longer willing to tolerate oppression.
for me, as for most people i imagine, oppression can come in many forms and degrees. the unnerving thing about oppression is its tendency to escalate if not confronted. the relations between two people, or a …


If you want to see how contrast can be significantly achieved using line, shape, colour and form, check out the work of Lindsay Blamey.


there was an early twentieth century semiotician who used the term ‘presentation’ in elaborating his ideas on how we interpret the world and how the world is significant to us. when i am doing something and in particular when it is something artistic i do it the way i do it because that is the way i feel it will achieve the objectives i wish to fulfill. this could be seen to be detached artistically and over analytical. but that would be establishing an argument as to how art can be and should be made. again; this is prejudicial and hierarchical and in the end boring. if i was to do things differently, something different would be the result. i could endlessly and aimlessly create without little engagement and reflection waiting to see if someting ‘good’ came along. in my practice i sculp…


so lets get down and dirty. what is the epitome of a good picture. paintings, drawings, photographs, collages; all these things can be called pictures. for this line of thought i want to talk about pictures that have their derivation in photography. the majority of the work i have uploaded to RB has been of a photographic nature. extending from this those pictures are all collages with a smaller or greater number of individual images constituting their overall structure. some of the pictures are simply abutted against each in the attempt to create repetitious interplay that is hopefully interesting in one way or another. some of my more recent work there has been quite a lot of variation in the individual panels opacity levels and some layering. it goes without saying that digital imagery…

The Pebble

“When we were coming home last night, did you see that new construction going up on Maitland St.”
“The one with all the floodlights on?”
“Yeh. What are they doing keeping those lights on all night? Looks like just all the other pre-fab monstrosities going up nowadays.”
“Maybe the sites been raided for materials? I hear it happens quite a bit.”
“If they are so damned concerned about their precious materials then they should lock them up where people simply can’t walk up, go ‘oow I like that’, and cart it away! Not to mention wasting all that energy because they think they should be able to leave their crap lying all over the place.”
“Damn, you sure are passionate about….?, whatever it is your on about.”
“How many times do I have to repeat this to you!? Every war is won on small vict…


each day is a new day or as some have suggested the same day come again
inklings tickle and freeze movement but the neck, the neck turns to look back
a furrow in the brow and a twitch to the lips summon a groan and a chuckle
stepping on to trip on the lip
an angry curse and fiery palm
once more to set again the thought of yore against the pain of more

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait