there was an early twentieth century semiotician who used the term ‘presentation’ in elaborating his ideas on how we interpret the world and how the world is significant to us. when i am doing something and in particular when it is something artistic i do it the way i do it because that is the way i feel it will achieve the objectives i wish to fulfill. this could be seen to be detached artistically and over analytical. but that would be establishing an argument as to how art can be and should be made. again; this is prejudicial and hierarchical and in the end boring. if i was to do things differently, something different would be the result. i could endlessly and aimlessly create without little engagement and reflection waiting to see if someting ‘good’ came along. in my practice i sculpt. there is activity. my creations are molded. all our creations are significant but it is those with evidence of conception and creation i find compelling and powerful.

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