My Sacred Path

In my life I came to find,

an ancient path that did wind.

I was strangely drawn to walk it then,

my first step the voice came to my head.

Once on the path she said you must

throw off the coat of ignorance.

Please hear our ancient call it

will be the only way to go forward.

Let the past be a lesson not a fate.

Only then can you come down this path.

Let the ancients guide you along.

Be happy that been given

hard lessons to learn in your life.

Pull out the thorn that is piercing you

and festering, to get on with life.

Please hear our ancient call

you may one day be the teacher.

For once you begin to love yourself,

passion will radiate from within.

So full of love it will spill out to those

around you who will see and feel it then.

Love is free for one and all.

Come down this path and learn it well,

Life..s circle is pulling you here.

Take another step and come learn more.

Beauty is within you I can see it.

You must come forward and let it free.

I felt the weight lifted from me then

the step was like floating free at last.

Please hear our ancient call the next

step is even easier than before.

Please hear our ancient call then

there was a transformation from within.

The ancient one caught me as I stumbled,

come ahead we won..t let you fall.

For here you are on sacred ground.

Learning to open myself from within

I learned to love me once more.

Now things began not to seem such a load.

I realized I had a mission in this life

wife, mother, teacher and so much more.

As I was guided down the path,

I heard her beautiful voice come to me.

Now I must leave you soon the path

will be in yours alone to walk.

Remember my words honor thyself,

honor commitments to others as you go.

Soon again I will see you I know,

for the circle of life never ends.

Another day, another path among friends.

Please hear our ancient call.

We will meet when you need me again.

For the sacred paths and the

circle of life never ends.

Copyright ©2003 magic1gal

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