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Christmas & Holiday gifts for her by MagentaRose

Vintage, Christmas trees, Panda, Polar Bears, Holidays, Fifties style Christmas, Candy canes, Gingerbread, Christmas, Christmas gift, Holiday gift for her, Pink, Kawaii, floral, Mistletoe, pink

Bichon Frise Christmas Santa hat, Holiday gift, Christmas gift, Santa dog, Cute dog,  by MagentaRose
Bichon Frise Chistmas Santa Hat by MagentaRose
Coffee pot vintage kitchen and Christmas stocking plate by MagentaRose
 Christmas Bichon Frise dog on Red and teal snowflakes, Bichon Gift for her,, Bichon Mom, holidays by MagentaRose
Easter bunny in watercolor with daffodils by MagentaRose
Easter Bunny in the roses by MagentaRose
Easter rabbit floral by MagentaRose
 christmas  star  Starlight snowfall winter night by MagentaRose
Christmas vintage books, holly  by MagentaRose
Christmas Flowers / Holiday Flowers by MagentaRose
Christmas flowers,  pink Poinsettia, red rose, white lily & holly by MagentaRose
Snow Days Alpine village watercolor painting with kids, reindeer, owls, mountains, mountain goats, kids and christmas trees by MagentaRose
Winter Floral, Mistletoe Berries, New Year 2018 by MagentaRose
Christmas burgundy flowers and berries by MagentaRose
Watercolor dark floral with berries and flowers, hand painted in shades of Maroon, burgundy, pink, red and wine , Fall, winter, holiday by MagentaRose
High Heeled Shoes for Christmas and Holiday Season by MagentaRose
Fall Floral watercolor of Protea, rose, Poinsettia, beauty berry, blueberry / winter holly, mistletoe & eucalyptus by MagentaRose
Christmas flowers,  Protea, rose, Poinsettia on burgundy  by MagentaRose
Fall Floral teal & Pink watercolor by MagentaRose
Unicorn with rainbow mane on magenta pink by MagentaRose
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