A Beautiful Dream

I looked at him. I felt it. I was weak. Like he has gotten me under his spell. He sat right next to me, and he melt my heart. One touch from his manly fingers, caressing my skin. I felt it! My whole body felt it. I was his and his alone. Then, a warm magical kiss from his to mine. Those same manly fingers caressing my face. Slowly, I felt it caressing them down. He slowly caressing my knee. A kiss felt so warm and sexy. It felt just right.
He was being good to me. He was handsome, and I wanted to moan for him. He kissed me around my neck. I wanted to rub my fingers through his beautiful hair. Then, he whispered to me in his sexy manly whisper, “I love you.” My heart froze in it’s tracks. And then he kissed me again.
He would touch me, pulled me close to him one last time. It felt like heaven. I was his and he was mine. He took off his shirt to let me see his beautiful sexy body. I slowly touched it, and it felt beautiful. Warm and sweaty that matched with hard rock abs. I loved it. He was sensitive, beautiful, and charming. His beautiful green bedroom eyes hypnotized me into loving him. I could be with this man forever.
My whole world changed that night. As we kissed and we were in love. I told him I love him too! But then, the sun woke me up! Ahh! Dang it! I was getting a good night sleep, but I did have a beautiful dream.

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