Home Renovations....

Sorry I haven’t been around to keep abreast of everyone’s recent uploads. I’m having work done at home, and it’s dragging on forever, as is the nature of renos I guess!! My time on the bubble is down to a few mins a day, or so jolly late at night, I can barely keep my eyes open. As is typical with me, I have to put on my nailbag too and get amongst it. lol!

I’ve also had some trouble with my “series” uploads being mucked up. Those of you who visited my Drifted Wood series, and How’s da la Vista will be able to see what’s been happening to them. All of my uploads have been replaced by the lead shot, repeating itself, and replacing them. :-/ Weird hey??? It’s happened to a total of nine of my best works, and it’s very concerning, not to mention heartbreaking. All that work and time…gone!!

I phoned Red Bubble two days ago, and they are scratching their heads too. I haven’t as yet had any feedback from them as to what’s caused it. I was wondering if any of you wonderful folks have had a similar thing happen over the past fortnight?

Oh well!! Teknollogy is a wonderful thing….when it doesn’t have you tearing your bl__dy hair out!! lolol!

Stay well guys, and I’ll drop by and visit everybody when my life is back to some kind of abnormality, and that’s a promise!!

(hugs all round)

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