White Fox, Canada

I love photography,and all sorts of art.the outdoors and hard physical work.Married to the same wonderful man for 50 1/2 years. Mom to 4...

Tha Moose Hunter.

There was a mighty hunter,
Who said,“Boys,just turn me loose,
Let me head to the bush country,
I’ll bring you back a moose.”

So he started early one morning
With his rifle,and dressed in red.
“Just let me see that fearsome moose,
I’ll shoot until he’s dead.”

He went and sat in a meadow.
Where he could see all around.
He called a time or two,
Then he heard that muffled sound.

He waited there in suspense—
The moose he could even smell—
Then it appeared,suddenly before him;
Quickly,he swings up his rifle;and EJECTS every shell..

The moose stands only a moment,
then he thunders away—
The not so mighty hunter mumbles;
“This just ain’t my day!”

by,Mae Nowiln White Fox,Sask.Canada

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