You know when

There becomes a time when an interests in a hobby or a passion begin to disappaear; and it can happen for the darnest of reasons. Changes in work (the inevidable day job), websites to express ones work for critiquing changes hands, loosing contact with those with the same passion, family life or even just darn lazyness and procrastination.

It happened to me and pretty much for many of the above reasons. It’s amazing to comeback to a community such as this and to see how people in your watchlist have developed whilst you were in a creative slump and your thoughts being elsewhere.

For me an unfortunate event has lead me to aquire some new gear and with this I’m also hoping that a renewed passion for my creative and artistic endeavours. Let’s hope that my passion doesn’t dissolve into vapour and I can create some work that I’d like to see hanging on my wall again.

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