What a week! Over 30 images added!

So it has been a busy start to the new year! It started with a revamp to the main image and my avatar plus a whole lot of new images and a whole lot of new designs that I have been incubating over 2017.
I have given my social media a push – on FB – my page is www.facebook.com/colourangelbyKV/ – I place lots of information I find about colour; not just my work for sale in Redbubble and Spoonflower. I have also started a daily post on Redbubble Only and Instagram.
Thank you to my many new followers this week – I look forward to following many more people back and getting to know you all through your work.
Someone suggested I make a second site to separate my photos from my design work. While I agree that is a great idea, I am yet to work out HOW so for the moment it will remain. Watch this space.

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