My first blog!

Well nows my chance to show just how badly a soon to be teacher can spell and just how un creative someone with a creative writing degree can also be!!

I am sitting here on a lazy sunday morning surrounded by 4 snoozing kitties contemplating just how interesting you can make a sleeping cat look! When I played rugby I never had a problem creating works of art on fellow team mates as they slept on the bus on those long drunken journies home from hard matches.

Yet somehow I don’t think Eddie would sleep through me quietly painting a Dali moustache on his face and Princess has no laces on her little pink paws to tie together. I swear Baby D never sleeps as the body count of dicker birds and meeces slowly rises and that just leaves Molly who it has to be said is very much a lady and I couldn’t put her through the indignity of such humiliation.

Hmm, that just leaves my girlfriend Gayna, who incidentally could sleep through anything!!!!!! But then I might get arrested, so I had better leave todays photography for later and a visit to the British motorcross championships at Brampton, watch this space!!!

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