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Well well. All is well. Very well.
Just got back from a trip to New York with my nephew Bob. Only to find a Bubblemail from the African Art and Writing group that one of my pictures will be the group icon for the month of May.
And I just noticed that three of my New York pictures are featured at the New York City Group’s homepage.
I’m arrogant enough to be flattered by all this. But the good thing is that this makes more people take a look at my pictures. I hope you all will continue to do so. Althoug I don’t respond to comments, they are very much appriciated.

But I can’t help to notice that most comments people make here on Redbubble are very much alike. Nice shot, beautiful, stunning, great DOF etc. And there’s hardly any critique. I’m just a guy with a camera with lots and lots to learn. So I hereby encourage you to also give constructive critisism about my photo’s. What would you crop out? why don’t you like the picture? what would you have done differently?. Much of it is taste I know, but just as much is technique and basics. Like the rule of thirds that my friend Jotography explained to me. Only to make me a better guy-with-a-camera.

Next month a little more about me. Thanx for reading.

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