Theodore Roosevelt Spiral Notebook $11.98
Christmas Classic characters Sticker $2.37
Angry Washington Postcards $2.20
President Lyndon B. Johnson  Postcards $2.20
Yalta Conference 1945 Sticker $2.37
Presidents of the United States Sticker $2.37
President Theodore Roosevelt Hardcover Journal $19.46
Norrissey Spiral Notebook $11.98
Dalai-Lama Hardcover Journal $19.46
Donald Trump Spiral Notebook $11.98
Donald Trump Postcards $2.20
President Thomas Jefferson Postcards $2.20
President Howard Taft Hardcover Journal $19.46
George Washington Sticker $2.37
Canada's Prime Ministers Hardcover Journal $19.46
Canada's Prime Ministers (updated for 2015-2019) Sticker $2.37
President John Adams Sticker $2.37
President George H. W. Bush Sticker $2.37
President Calvin Coolidge Greeting Card $2.83
President Franklin D. Roosevelt  Sticker $2.37
President Ulysses S. Grant Greeting Card $2.83
President Bill Clinton Sticker $2.37
President James Madison Sticker $2.37
I heart Justin Trudeau Sticker $2.37
Presidents of the USA Spiral Notebook $11.98
President John Quincy Adams Sticker $2.37
President Millard Fillmore Spiral Notebook $11.98
President Harry S Truman Greeting Card $2.83
President Richard Nixon Spiral Notebook $11.98
President Chester A. Arthur Sticker $2.37
City Motor Hotel Welcome to Hamilton sign Sticker $2.37
President William McKinley Postcards $2.20
President Ronald Reagan Hardcover Journal $19.46
President John F. Kennedy Hardcover Journal $19.46
Queen Elizabeth I Postcards $2.20
President Martin Van Buren Postcards $2.20
President Herbert Hoover Hardcover Journal $19.46
President James Garfield Greeting Card $2.83
President Jimmy Carter Hardcover Journal $19.46
Pierre Trudeau, Just Watch Me Postcards $2.20
Stephen Harper Sticker $2.37
President Gerald R. Ford Greeting Card $2.83
President Andrew Jackson Postcards $2.20
President Barack Obama Hardcover Journal $19.46
President Woodrow Wilson Hardcover Journal $19.46
Peace Loving protesting tree-huggers Greeting Card $2.83
President Dwight D. Eisenhower Greeting Card $2.83
President Grover Cleveland Postcards $2.20
President Abraham Lincoln Spiral Notebook $11.98
President Franklin Pierce Spiral Notebook $11.98
William & Mary Postcards $2.20
President Rutherford B. Hayes Hardcover Journal $19.46
President James Monroe Spiral Notebook $11.98
President James Buchanan Greeting Card $2.83
President Zachary Taylor Sticker $2.37
President George W. Bush Greeting Card $2.83
President James K. Polk Sticker $2.37
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Prime Minister of Canada Greeting Card $2.83
Terry Fox Spiral Notebook $11.98
Sir Charles Tupper Postcards $2.20
President Warren G. Harding | By Graeme MacKay Greeting Card $2.83
Canada Post Superbox Hardcover Journal $19.46
President Benjamin Harrison Postcards $2.20
Justin Trudeau Spiral Notebook $11.98
Alexander Hamilton "...the first duty of society is justice.” Postcards $2.20
LBJ - President Lyndon B. Johnson  Hardcover Journal $19.46
Governor's Road Mural Greeting Card $2.83
OPEC oil man Greeting Card $2.83
Benjamin Franklin Spiral Notebook $11.98
Theodore Roosevelt "Speak softly and carry a big stick." Greeting Card $2.83
Louis Riel Postcards $2.20
McKinley/Roosevelt Ticket Spiral Notebook $11.98
John A. Macdonald Spiral Notebook $11.98
President Andrew Johnson Spiral Notebook $11.98
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William Henry Harrison Greeting Card $2.83
Americana Sticker $2.37
British  Monarchs Postcards $2.20
Henry VIII Spiral Notebook $11.98
Lester Pearson Spiral Notebook $11.98
John A. Macdonald Postcards $2.20
Jean Chretien Hardcover Journal $19.46
Sir Robert Borden, Prime Minister of Canada, 1911-1920 Sticker $2.37
Octo-Putin Greeting Card $2.83
Joe Clark Sticker $2.37
Founding Fathers | By Graeme MacKay Hardcover Journal $19.46
Nellie McClung Greeting Card $2.83
Tin Foil Hat Society Spiral Notebook $11.98
Greek vase Hardcover Journal $19.46
A Riel Piece of Work Postcards $2.20
No Place for the State in the Bedrooms of the Nation Sticker $2.37
King Charles II Greeting Card $2.83
Arthur Meighen Spiral Notebook $11.98
Queen Victoria Hardcover Journal $19.46
Queen Elizabeth II Sticker $2.37
Pierre Trudeau Sticker $2.37
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