Half a month until school, and first print sale

Sold a laminated print of my Red String of Fate to a mystery buyer today :D…

This is actually the first time to sell my work as a print so it means a lot; many thanks!

It’s kind of funny though, because just two days ago I purchased a card of the same work.

When I saw the e-mail from RedBubble I thought they were only talking about the sale I made to myself :P until I read it was a print sale ~

On other news, I now have a new laptop for school which is only half a month away. I got my windows upgrade kit yesterday; upgrading the new laptop now (working on my old machine in the meantime) and hopefully won’t run into any bugs during the semestre.

I’ve also been doing some research for my thesis, which I plan to be origami related; and learned it can be very practical. Did you know origami

My origami on Soulpancake

When the editor of the website Soulpancake contacted me asking if they could feature my origami, I didn’t know what I would be getting into. I have to admit, I had never heard of the website before and wanted to do some research. The website was created by the actor Rainn Wilson. His name didn’t ring a bell to me right away and I continued my research. Later I realized Rainn Wilson was the one who played Dwight Schrute, the funniest character (in my opinion) in the American version of the television comedy “The Office” and I thought, “Oh my God!!”…

The website was just launched last March – during that time I was working in the UK, and immediately after that I was busy with school. My life as an architecture student kept me so busy that I got so out of sync with what was going on in the wo

I've been discovered! And now I'm published in a Montreal Magazine!

Actually it all started back in June, while I was still in school. A writer for the Montreal magazine Plaisirs de Vivre/Living with Style happened to come across my bubble and was particularly interested in my origami. She got in touch with me proposing to publish my origami in their next magazine (which is out now), and said she would send me a pdf once the magazine is published.

I have been eagerly waiting for her e-mail, which has finally arrived.

Update: I now have a hard copy

The works published here are my Born From the Hand, Born From Fingers and 3cm Family Swim

Origami comeback and one helluva INSANE new year!

(If you’ve only added me to your watchlist recently and don’t know me very well, this journal would be easier to understand if you read my profile description first.)

Hello everyone :o)

Well, it’s been about 2 months since I finished my previous school semester. It feels good to be back in this community again; though I’m still falling greatly behind. I already expected that I cannot be as active as I was before Rome; but at the same time London is keeping me busier than I expected. My job has been pretty stressful; I’ve had to work a lot of overtime and sometimes I brought work home over the weekend. Things have been crazy; for myself and the world; Recession, sudden heavy snowfalls (back in Canada that’s normal, but here in London it caused so much commotion to the extent that public tr

A new year to see new things, go to new places, and meet new people… in face… My first real life bubbler encounter!

Happy New Year Everyone! School is finally OVER! And now I’m in London doing whatever sightseeing I can before I start my new internship. As some of you may remember, I arrived here on the 18th, but I still had a school assignment to complete over the holidays (so much for my Christmas…). But now time has freed up again. I’ve missed this community so much! I have been far less active since I started school again in September; I still came on once in a while but I was much more active before as I was an RB addict ;) Now I am catching up again. But not only will I be catching with bubblers online, but in reality too ……

On New Year’s eve I met up with Gaurav who is now officially the first RB member I’ve met face to face (we’ve know each on the bubbler since March 2008). Meeting someone face

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