Still raining

I wrote this piece yesterday, and it rained again today.
I wore my winter jacket, even though it is May.

It’s past midnight; I had to work late.
But I can’t fall asleep because I just ate…

It rained again this morning… although this time no snow. In the afternoon it was sunny, which was nice – not too much difference to me since I was working indoors at the time and facing a wall – I only noticed the sun because a co-worker said, “Oh it’s sunny out!”. It was quite beautiful when I turned around to look (although it was raining again on the way home – quite heavily).

I was working late so the office ordered some take out – most of it was fried food… I was still feeling kind of full when I got home.

I’d like to turn the words above into a more fitting poem one day; I’m just letting today’s thoughts out – I was just in the mood, I’m currently living in the days of chaos and need some peace.

Well about an hour ago I was still not sleepy; but right now I’d probably best sign off. I have just read the comments I received today from some new people who’ve started watching me – thank you :) – I will reply later; things are pretty busy this week.

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