Sometimes it can be a good thing...

The difference between sites using my materials legitimately or non-legitimately:

1. I always request that sites or publications with my images provide a link to my portfolio here on RedBubble. Therefore, any site containing my material, but not linking to my portfolio (unless they are alternatively linking to my zazzle store), is violating my copyright.

2. I typically ask that that my images be no greater than 500 pixels wide/high if displayed elsewhere, even if they are ‘protected’.

3. I usually permit no more than 5 images to be posted – Most only use one small image and a link to my portfolio, or just the link.

4. I have never posted any videos before, so any out there that is claimed to be done by me is not.

I sometimes allow a little bit of flexibility on condition 2 or 3 if they are only a little bit over the maximum allowable amount on one condition, while being lower on the other.

I make no exceptions to condition 1 whatsoever. If you find any site that is obviously using my images without my permission, please report it to me, or feel free to report to the site administrator on my behalf.

Tweeting, or posting links to works in my portfolio is okay; this does not require my permission.


For awhile now, I have been distressed over the misrepresentations of myself and my work caused by the UK publications, as well as the blogs that had been stealing my images or re-posting the published discrepancies / images altered by the press. However, today I saw a post upon which rather than being frustrated, I felt grateful:

The Limits of Patience Tested by Miniature Origami

Not only does this post only use one small image, and provide a link to my page, but it also touches on the photography aspect of my work – a vital part of my art that was omitted in the publications (and also less evident after a number of my images were cropped or altered). Meanwhile, it also makes an important note about how I have been misrepresented and encourages readers to look at my works and my words as they came from me.

Thank you Weird Asia News for the integral feature, and for helping out a poor university student who is too busy to cease the spread of misinformation on her own; and for being courteous towards my copyright. As for offending sites, while I may be too busy to chase them all down, I’ll be keeping this disclaimer up; and they should know better that by not following my guidelines, they are only exposing their behaviour.

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