I'm Back! And a belated thank you to a mystery buyer!

Hello all, I got back from my field trip today.

First we went to Cumae. When we got off the bus there was this cute little doggy coming up to us:

The prof told us not to pet it, though several of us still did anyways; hehehe – it was just too cute! I pet it too; but no worries, I washed my hands soon after.

Apparently Italy has a a lot of dogs running around in the streets and so often while we are all walking together in a big group, there would be a dog or two following us for a long while, which was cute, but oh boy I really hate the flies; they are so persistent! They are always flying towards us and resting on while we are sketching, or listening to the prof; and even when you shoo them away they come back – so annoying… But overall it was a good trip – now I’ve got work to catch up on and resume with my house hunting.

So in Cuma we saw the Cave of the Sibyl, and some temple remains including the temple to Jupiter.

Our hotel was in Paestum near a beach. The first day there was a beautiful sunset

The next day we visited Pompeii

The third day we went to Capri. Yesterday we walked to a ruin in Paestum and saw some very nice temples still intact. Today on the way back to Rome we stopped by at Sperlonga

Everyday at our hotel we were served breakfast and dinner. Yesterday I tried buffalo mozzarella – some people find it amazing while other don’t find it that special. Apparently someone ate a kilo of buffalo mozzarella for lunch o ___ o. The food was good but the meals really lacked vegetables; for that reason it’s nice to be back and able to eat properly; and to make things even nicer; somebody has bought my card while I was away!

Here is a delayed thank you to the mystery buyer who bought my Born from the Hand. Although it’s only a card sale it means so much to me because this piece has a lot of personal meaning to me. I did some miniature origami when killing time during the trip; while I was on the bus or waiting until we were all ready to leave – perhaps they brought me luck~

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