Let's Focus On.....Jo Hodan (Artist Interview)

Word goes that this chain of interviews was all started by Jo O’Brian. who tossed the ball to MuscularTeeth, and I had the pleasure of reading his interview with Karin Taylor and his interview with Butchart.

Karin Taylor interviewed frozenfa and myself, and most recently frozenfa has interviewed Midori Furze

And now allow me to introduce Jo Hodan!.

Those who’ve been keeping up with interviews may recall how Karin Taylor and frozenfa are making a living out of their art; which I find fascinating, and Jo is very much the same (correct me if am wrong). Can read more about her in this forum

I agree it must be a very hard way to earn a living, but very rewarding I bet; especially since you got to exhibit in so many places! Hope you’ll continue to follow that spiritual intuitive and share your work with us!

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

Gosh where do I start? Im lucky to have a very understanding family, who with a lot of other people think I’m completely off the wall…:)

I paint every day at very weird times and will suddenly run off to paint, I always have two going at the same time because I flit from one to another. Luckily the French seem to have a unique understanding; I will be happily sat outside a cafe talking away and then the urge comes, I jump up and say I gotta work, and they just understand, off I go (I think they think I’m nuts). My husband (he works in the UK, and comes home every couple months) knows that I am fine if I’m painting, he will phone and say “You Painting ” I say yes, he knows I’m OK (Think this stems from a stroke I had 2 and half years ago, when I recovered I have painted everyday since). Our youngest daughter moved over here 3 months ago and she is a great help because I do get carried away and forget things; she says I’m in my own little world. My other 2 children are in the UK with their own families and also have an understanding of me. It also affects the way I look at everything; I look for the light in everything around me and love life to the full.

Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on redbubble particularly special or meaningful

Redbubble the whole thing is very special to me. To choose one person almost impossible. I have found the support on here incredible, special to me is every comment and kindness shown on here.

Everyone of you in some way has made it meaningful.

Show & tell us about five works on redbubble that have moved or inspireded you.

The Boulders Part 1 by kjgorden
Boulder Part 1. I love this because it reflects the love in KJ’s work,I find all his work full of warmth,also the work he doeswith children and the dangers of the water.

Far away, across the field by Mar Silva
Far away, across the field. Just so amazing, at one with her work,Mar has such an affinity with her surroundings.

The Rebirth by Al Neaimi
This is “The Rebirth” Adore it, all the spiritual feeling of this piece, Al has also been such a help with tips on photography and took the time to explain. His work to me is outstanding and full of intricases. His spirit flys.

Soul man by jannek
“Soulman,” by Jannek such a fantastic style, also such a kind person, fabulous work, each peice tells its own story.

The Jungle Book by Charles Winslow

I love this because it is so thoughtful, and beautiful, Charles love for his family comes out in his work.

Mui-Ling thank you so much, have a wonderful day…Jo :)

I hope you have a wonderful day too Jo; Thank you for sharing and letting us get to know you better. I agree, choosing only one person is almost impossible. I can see the spiritual influence in your 5 chosen pieces, which I see and admire very much in your own work. If anyone is need of lifting their spirits, have a look at Jo’s profile today!

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