In the Beginning

I love to create art. For me art creation is like a visual prayer, a way to express our daily walk through the world.
After a long time of creating art I have decided to begin the process of sharing my art with others. My work is mostly abstract creations based on the theme of creation. Sometimes it is images of God’s creation and sometimes it is images of creation of self.
My works utilize many media as I love to explore the many aspects of creating art. Many are acrylic paintings. In some I incorporate mixed media elements such as beads, paper and other objects. My other media of choice is the computer. Utilizing 2d and 3d elements to create and manipulate my own images has been a joyful way to play with images.
I hope my images express the joy or sorrow, beauty or ugly as sin and the ever-changing aspects of the inner and outer world we live in.

Journal Comments