Folktales Art Exhibition

This April I am curating a folktales-themed art exhibit at Nichols Berg Gallery in Philadelphia. Mostly it’s a joint show between myself and Los Angeles artist Carol Es, but I decided to also add in a few other artists from around the country whose style and media would add interesting dimensions to the show. All together there are eight artists, one of whom is another Redbubble artist you may know, Tammy Mae Moon.

Some more information and photos from the show. My husband made a short video commercial for the show which I posted up on youtube

APRIL 7-28, 2012

Nichols Berg Gallery presents “Folktales”, curated by Pennsylvania artist Lynnette Shelley. Throughout history, humans have told each other stories. These stories help to explain the world around them as well as pass on traditions, culture, rituals, behavior and history. Myths, legends, fairytales and urban legends – these are all part of the rich history of folklore. “Folktales” presents both a modern and a traditional look at these stories from a variety of sources; some are hauntingly intimate and explore the narrator’s own personal mythology while others present more pan-cultural motifs seen through modern eyes.

Reception is April 14th, 6 to 9 PM.

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Info on the participating artists

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Nichols Berg Gallery
8611 Germantown Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA 19118

These are just a small sampling of photos from the show. For the full set (almost 90 photos), please view them on my facebook fan page here

Here’s my husband (aka Lord Masque on Redbubble) getting ready to videotape the show

Below: I sold the artwork on the left already (“Dragon Dance”) to an early bird collector who went in for a private showing before the gallery had even opened up the show to the public

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