Ryde, United Kingdom

Lyndy is my preferred name, not harsh in any way / Children of mine / just one survives / I love him. / Me I try to carry on / and...


Lunch Mum! Priceless (the baked beans clock) by Lyndy

Brief gratificaion……….. non sat…

They said believe it…. believe it! / And for a brief moment she did
The First Showing........... and then Sigh by Lyndy The last Flight by Lyndy Kerry's Sign by Lyndy

Nightmares Merge Daylight Hours

Tonight I tell you of my pain / Tonight I say it yet again / My sunny disposition………….. Facade
I am the Holly... Without Ivy by Lyndy For Crying out Loud...Turn the Bloody Light Off! by Lyndy Sidari Corfu by Lyndy Volcanic Sunset 2 by Lyndy Volcanic Sunset by Lyndy


Aint no Sunshine when she's gone by Lyndy


My soul mate

Anywhere when Lonely is Nowhere

To be alone and lonely is the pits / Yet better than to be Surrounded by love and lonely
Violet Hush by Lyndy

The Hollow in my Wall

Into the hollow in my wall you come / And I succomb
Clawing Reverie by Lyndy


Cos you irritate the pants off me, and I see your flaws / Before you even have a chance

Wear White in Winter…. be and let be

Wear white in winter / Purple in summer / Dress up on a wednesday / Eat a roast on tuesday / Do pink at a funeral / And black at a wedding

Do I have the right to write about 19

My childs lungs exploded aged just 19

RB Limerick….Just for fun

My heart and mind was in so much trouble / So I had to think quick and on the on the double / what to do to make things right / Oh I know..…

With that said / I now am dead / And see your tears

Hoping Espania

Forever my love will pour / Hoping Espania for you
 Face and outside Grace by Lyndy Not Camera Shy by Lyndy Up Close and Personal by Lyndy

Should, Paper and …. I DID

Two Down One to Go by Lyndy


My itch it will return / Your scratching forever burns
Tales of Istanbul by Lyndy Speak no Evil, Hear no Evil... Disintigrating by Lyndy Satisfaction by Lyndy

The Wholeness of Nothing

There is no such thing as nothing / Everything is something
Survival is it worth it? by Lyndy

I dont know how the fuck I feel

The truth is / I dont know how the fuck I feel
The Unknown! ? by Lyndy

I Dont look Like This In My Head!

She was used and abused she kept on regardless / Smiling still for all the world to see / Happy, carefree, and full of philosophy
The Wind Timer? by Lyndy Fire in the Brain! by Lyndy Sir Francis Drake is all Topsey Turvey In search of Doris by Lyndy Just Looking for Doris by Lyndy Pucker up In Pink by Lyndy

Who Dares Speaks

I Dare / Do You? / To speak of your own truths / In trust we speak / I dare / Do you?

The only valid thing I have is my Time

The only valid thing I have is my time / Its the only thing I was born with / No knowledge of how long that might be / Whilst I’m her…

Wired all Wrong

And the wine has gone all cloudy / Not red not pink not blue / Im wired all wrong when it comes to you
Which way? by Lyndy Touching  by Lyndy Through the Window by Lyndy Outer Green Dream by Lyndy

And yet so bloody Powerful! (words)

Presidents rely on them / Prime ministers too / Do You?

Words are Easy

It was the words that left the scars and welts / behind the lashings of the belt
Man Smiles 3  (my son) by Lyndy

Dark clouds and a Rainbow Deal

The Yesterday is done and tomorrow is to come
Man Smiles 2 by Lyndy Man Smiles by Lyndy

A Wee bit of Faith Goes A long long way

When Night becomes the only thing you feel is in your life
Under the Pier by Lyndy

Revival Begotten

Lost / Forgotten
Web Spectrum by Lyndy Dont Worry Bee happy! by Lyndy

For Adam 10/02/2010

Bless you sweet friend of mine, I miss you already

Your Freakin’ Flowers are Dead

Just like the freakin’ caring / You put into my head
Divine Intervention by Lyndy

And then there was One

One started alone
Shades of Monogomy by Lyndy Guardian of the NON-departed by Lyndy I saw three ships go sailing by.... by Lyndy A Splash of Sunshine by Lyndy The Hand that Fed by Lyndy Ferry Me home! by Lyndy In the Bleak Mid Winter by Lyndy

Speak, Listen, Listen ,Speak

If you truly speak from your heart / And listen with compassion
It's a Thin Diguise by Lyndy Spacehog! by Lyndy One Road In by Lyndy Speak no Evil, Hear no Evil...... by Lyndy

A question of fate?

Had I walked down different roads / Spoken other words / Would I still be where I am?
It's The Real Scream!!! by Lyndy Doggone Yahoo Doodles! by Lyndy
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